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Pump Spares

With our wide range of pump spares, we can provide you with what you require.

Pump repairs

our in house workshop specializes in repairs to all positive displacement and centrifugal pumps

Pump Sales

With our comparative pricing and wide range of pumps, allow us to quote you on your pump requirements

Throughout the entire life cycle of your pumps, you can count on us to support you by keeping your equipment and process running at optimal performance. We guarantee the highest quality spare parts readily available worldwide – whether for scheduled maintenance or for emergency situations

High quality, durable pump parts and rapid delivery times are our standard. We only use quality materials with state-of-the-art production and technical specifications to ensure maximum wear resistance and long wear life in the most demanding applications.

Our parts are available in a wide selection of proprietary chrome alloy, natural rubber, polyurethane and specialist materials suited for your duty and specification. All our parts and components are designed and engineered to conform to the latest standards and ensure reliable performance of your equipment contributing to a lower total cost of ownership. Our offering of spares and upgraded pump parts are available across the full selection of pump sizes.

In addition, many of our parts, including impellers, seals and bearing housings are also dimensionally interchangeable with other installed pumps without the need of modification. Our rationalised designs dramatically reduce stock holding offering reduced inventory holding requirements and cost savings.

We accompany you throughout the entire life-cycle of the equipment to recommend appropriate spare parts stocks and optimum maintenance cycles. We maintain an inventory of stock through our network of facilities which are strategically located to ensure you have access to the right parts when you need them.


  • Quality manufactured materials
  • Extended wear life for greater value
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid delivery times
  • Proven patented technologies
  • Easily interchangeable parts
  • Unique stock solutions
  • Global availability and expertise
  • Reverse engineering and upgrade capability of components


  • Impellers
  • Shafts
  • Sleeves
  • Power ends/Bearing assemblies
  • Liners
  • Wear Plates
  • Casings
  • Gaskets/Packing
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Wear Rings
  • Stuffing box
  • Expellers

We provide new seals, seal replacement, installation and seal repair for all manufacturers to support all pump requirements.

We call on decades of hands-on experience in the application, selection, troubleshooting, and repair of mechanical seals. Our knowledge base spans general industrial applications to process industries such as mining & minerals, chemical, petroleum and water. Furthermore, our experience with all seals brands is critical to providing ourĀ customers with comprehensiveĀ support.


  • Large inventory of new and replacement seals and seal parts
  • Complete mechanical seal repair for all manufacturers
  • New mechanical seals
  • Fully detailed seal failure analysis and reports with all repairs

Amalgamated pump service kits are available for a wide range of products within our portfolio. We have developed the service kits based on our product expertise and application knowledge to facilitate most common service and repair operations to allow customers to maintain products themselves.

Service kits are the fast and easy way to purchase and stock most essential spare parts for all pumps ensuring trouble-free operation and ease of maintenance. Each kit contains OEM spare parts custom developed specifically for each pump system and requirement so you do not need to purchase the necessary parts individually. Our spare parts kits are easy to order and available at short notice.


  • Service kits include all the necessary parts in one package
  • Genuine spare parts ensure compatibility and reliability
  • Tailored for each pump system and requirements
  • Easy to order
  • Ensures ease of maintenance and minimum downtime
  • Extends the life of your products

Amalgamated Pumping Supplies maintains, repairs and overhauls all types of pumps and rotating equipment regardless of original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We guarantee high quality, precision and service at a competitive, cost-effective price. We provide all levels of service that repair and refurbish equipment so that it is returned to as new condition.

Our professional team of experts share decades of expertise and a wealth of knowledge, ensuring all equipment is serviced and repaired to strict quality standards. From inspection and analysis of the equipment, refurbishment or replacement of key components, to testing, final assembly, and return to the customer, each step in the process is carefully guided by best practices.

Where repair is related to causes beyond expected wear and tear, we can work to uncover the root-cause and provide recommendations to extend the life of your equipment. Our complete evaluation includes proposals for design upgrades and recommendations for maintenance. Our goal is to give you maximum value from the repair process.

No matter how large or small project, we pride ourselves on quick turnarounds in order to get your critical pumps and rotating equipment back in production, operating at optimum capacity with a minimum of downtime. For when it is not possible to remove equipment and transport it back to our facilities we can send engineers to carry out the work on-site. Our local flexibility allows us to work within the schedule of your personnel. If required we can take care of all aspects of the process from project management to planning and execution, including parts supply and skilled labour for field service.


  • Cost-effective compared with purchasing new equipment
  • OEM quality with matched warranty
  • Service multiple manufactures equipment with one supplier
  • Quick turnaround of equipment
  • Extending the life of equipment
  • Design upgrade proposals available on equipment
  • Maintenance and service options available

You can count on us for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Our maintenance and support services are backed up with in-depth product and application expertise, rapid response, local presence and a global network.

We offer cost effective customised programmes to help you implement a plan to extend the life of your equipment, ensuring maximum performance and trouble-free operation. Our range of services cover everything from basic equipment inspections, site audits and inventory recommendations. We can also advise for scheduled shutdowns and upgrades.

Whether you need contract or preventive maintenance services, our technicians work with you to develop a plan individually tailored to meet your requirements to ensure maximum up-time for your process equipment. Whatever your requirement is for we are your ideal partner to deliver increased performance and reduced costs allowing you to focus on your operations.


  • Tailored maintenance services
  • Full product technical support
  • Expert staff dedicated to maintaining your equipment
  • Local field service teams and fully equipped workshops
  • Inspections of equipment to accurately determine the operating condition and identify potential improvements
  • Enhanced performance, efficiency and reliability through upgrade parts
  • Troubleshooting for when unexpected failure occurs
  • Handling of repair or upgrade work during scheduled maintenance periods
  • Inventory optimisation for appropriate spare part stocks and optimum maintenance cycles
  • Emergency repair services

The long-term performance and operating costs of a pump can be significantly affected by how well its been installed and commissioned. Our technicians place all their experience and expertise at your service so that your system operates and runs to peak performance and is as energy efficient as possible from start-up.

Our experts professionally commission new, upgraded, or repaired equipment and run through on-site testing ensuring that equipment is fully and correctly set up working according to the process needs and without compromising on safety. We can also assist in the isolation and removal of redundant equipment where applicable.


  • Optimally configure equipment to working conditions for productivity and efficiency
  • Reliability and safety during the start-up period ensured by experienced pump specialists
  • Minimise downtime, as parts will not wear out prematurely due to incorrect installation
  • On site training and support of maintenance operatives

Amalgamated Pumping Supplies provides expert engineering and technical consultancy services including pump selection, equipment assessment, reverse engineering and design upgrades across all industries. Working with our own or others’ equipment, our range of service solutions, covering component upgrades, reduced lead times and replacement parts, can improve performance, reliability and cost savings.


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