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Applying health and safety is the right thing to do!

Amalgamated Pumping Supplies adheres to South Africa’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, ACT 85 OF 1993, which aims to provide for the health and safety of persons at work and for the health and safety of persons in connection with the activities of persons at work, and to establish an advisory council for occupational health and safety.

Amalgamated Pumping Supplies has implemented a management system in the workplace to sustain employee wellbeing, minimize risks to the bare minimum and to effectively protect and control the utilization of our resources.
Safety, health and environmental governance are acknowledged as being fundamental to business strategies to enhance profitability. Furthermore the manifestation thereof is essential in supporting the value of “being a model corporate citizen” and “valuing its people and their diversity”.

Safety and Health Management thus form part of management’s and employees' day to day activities.
Improved Productivity:
Successful businesses realize that preventing occupational injuries and illnesses is important to an organization's overall performance.

For this reason the Directors at Amalgamated Pumping Supplies agree that the company must excel in all areas to be internationally competitive. Preventing workplace incidents is cost-effective for both the company as well as its workers.

Companies with higher standards in Occupational Health and Safety are more likely to have higher standards in other areas as well. At Amalgamated Pumping Supplies we realize that Health and safety and productivity are not mutually exclusive nor are they inseparable.
Shared responsibility and leadership:
At Amalgamated Pumping Supplies we recognize the importance of all employees participating and individuals sharing responsibility for occupational health and safety. We also recognize that the success of a company's health and safety program depends most on the leadership provided by top management.

The Directors at Amalgamated Pumping Supplies are committed to the following:
  • Preventing incidents.
  • Training all levels of staff to manage and cope with the risks of the workplace.
  • Providing whatever it takes to carry out the program.
  • Getting results and maintaining them.
  • Identifying objectives and follow them through.
  • Demonstrate and prove that you are serious.
  • Communication of health and safety commitment to all levels in the organization.
  • Targets for the reduction of incidents.
  • Planning of activities, programs, policies, budgets, meetings to implement and maintain the incident prevention program.
  • Evaluate results and ensure a continuous improvement cycle in the plan.
Matching words with action:
Amalgamated Pumping Supplies Directors show leadership in the area of occupational health and safety through participation, disciplinary measures for non- compliance, leading by example and by showing that commitment is more than just talk.