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At Amalgamated Pumping Supplies, we strive to be a winning company and having defined our goals and objectives, we will pursue their attainment with a single-minded focus.

We will always operate within the laws of the land, in accordance with good business ethics and in a safe and environmentally responsible way.
We will have win-win relationships with all our stakeholders. The goal of adding value in a balanced manner will be the driving force in the pursuit of all business opportunities.
  • We will create economic value and deliver returns to our shareholders at least commensurate with investments of similar risk;
  • In order to deliver the required returns, we will meet the agreed needs of our customers. We will maximise value to the company while giving value to all our customers;
  • We will create growth opportunities and options by having win-win relationships with all our business partners - suppliers, dealers, agents, joint business venture associates and the governments of the countries in which we operate;
  • We will obtain a sustainable competitive advantage by having committed and competent employees. We value and will build on the diversity and capabilities of all employees; and
  • We will demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible and caring corporate citizen by forming socio-economic partnerships with communities impacted by our operations.
Our measures of success are the extent to which we meet these commitments, the long-term value we create for our shareholders, the pride of our employees in their accomplishments, the satisfaction of our customers and all those with whom we do business, and the extent to which communities, both local and international, judge our activities as beneficial.
We will pursue our business with honesty, integrity, and fairness. Corporate funds and assets will only be used for lawful or proper purposes and all business transactions will be reflected accurately and fairly. We recognize that transparency and open communication are essential.

To this end, we will provide all relevant information as may be required by our stakeholders about our activities, subject only to overriding considerations of business confidentiality.
In everything we do, we will be guided by our Shared Values. We will keep a balance between Business Values and People Values.

Business Values
Our Five Quality Principles are:
1. The DEFINITION of Quality is Conformance to Requirements
2. The SYSTEM to cause Quality is Prevention.
3. The PERFORMANCE STANDARD of Quality is Right Things Right Every Time
4. The MEASUREMENT of Quality is the Price of Non-conformance.
5. The RESPONSIBILITY for Quality is Proactive Leadership at All Levels.
People Values
We will:
1. Treat others with uncompromising truth.
2. Lavish trust on our associates.
3. Mentor unselfishly.
4. Be receptive to new ideas, regardless of their origin.
5. Take personal risks for the organisation’s sake.
6. Give credit where it is due.
7. Put the interests of others before our own.
8. Not touch dishonest money.
As part of our commitment to being a good corporate citizen, it is our policy to conduct business in a manner that is compatible with the economic, social, and environmental needs of the communities in which we operate. To this end, we will:
  • Endeavour to ensure that our presence enhances people’s lives in meaningful ways;
  • Take our environmental responsibilities seriously and abide by applicable environmental laws;
  • Communicate openly and honestly and encourage meaningful dialogue with concerned stakeholders in the community.
In conducting our activities, we will take every reasonable and practicable step to prevent and eliminate the risk of injuries, health hazards, and damage to property, and will take proactive measures toward the conservation and preservation of the environment in a reasonable and cost-effective manner.
To achieve these objectives, we will:
  • Ensure that our facilities, products and services are in accordance with applicable legal requirements and industry standards;
  • Provide the necessary resources, organisation and training, and communicate with employees, contractors, customers, suppliers and the public regarding appropriate matters on health, safety and the environment;
  • Ensure that contingency plans are in place and maintained to deal with emergencies and periodically review health, safety and environmental management systems and practices to ensure their continual improvement; and
  • Work with key stakeholders on sustainable development issues to find ways of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the requirements of future generations.
We confirm our commitment to achieving and maintaining quality and reliability for all Amalgamated Pumping Supplies products and services, through the effective implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of Business processes, including, where applicable, Quality Management systems conforming to International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001 and other International Standards. This will ensure that we continue to strive for Operational Excellence and consistently meet the requirements of our customers in a competitive and cost effective way.
Our employment policies and practices are designed to embrace employee rights that compare favourably to the best in South Africa. These include freedom of association, the right to organise and bargain collectively, a prohibition on forced labour, illicit child labour and any form of discrimination in employment. We recognise and support employment equity and have policies in place to achieve this. We consider our employees to be intellectual assets and we have various programmes to nurture, retain and grow our employees.
Our policy requires that directors, officers and employees avoid any conflict between their own interests and the interests of Amalgamated Pumping Supplies in dealing with suppliers, customers and other third parties.

All Amalgamated Pumping Supplies employees are required to adhere to the Amalgamated Pumping Supplies group statement of policies relating to conflict of interest and these policies are rigorously applied.
All employees, contractors and agents of the company comply with applicable laws wherever we operate.


We believe businesses have a key role to play in the promotion and protection of internationally recognised human rights standards within their respective spheres of influence.

To this end, we will:
  • Not allow our operations to contribute to, and our infrastructure to be used for, violations of such human rights;
  • Encourage all entities with whom we do business to observe laws governing such human rights;
  • Ensure adequate human rights training for our personnel; and
  • Refrain from knowingly employing anyone who has participated in violations of any human rights.