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Pumping Solutions - RuppGuard AODDP Diaphragm rupture

Problem: Spill prevention due to failure of diaphragm in AODDP
Accidental spills of chemicals and other dangerous fluids can be hazardous to workers and equipment. Even a small spill can be expensive to clean up.
The Warren Rupp RuppGUARD Spill Prevention offers the highest level of safety when pumping aggressive fluids.
Spill Prevention models feature fluid-filled PTFE or PVDF spill chambers, with additional diaphragms between the air end and each outer pumping chamber. All Plastic Series spill containment models are equipped with visual leak detectors, which immediately warn the pump user if a pumping diaphragm fails. Two additional leak detection options include electronic and manual monitors.
Standard Visual Leak Detection
This standard feature gives a visual warning when a problem occurs. If the pumping diaphragm fails, pumped liquid enters the spill containment chamber. This displaces driver fluid in the spill containment chamber. The exchange of pumpage and driver fluid displays a color change in the sight tube on the side of the pump which has failed.
Optional Electronic Leak Detection
The electronic leak detection option senses polarity changes in the spill containment chamber. These changes occur when pumpage contaminates the driver fluid. The electronic leak detector activates a warning light on the control box. It can also be wired into an end-user's existing warning system for audible alarm or pump shut-down.
Optional Mechanical Leak Detection
The mechanical leak detection option uses a spring-loaded connector pin and o-ring. The o-ring material, which is specified to be chemically incompatible to the pumped fluids, swells when a leak occurs. The o-ring reaction triggers release of pilot air through an air control valve, signalling a diaphragm failure.